Past Events


Let’s Talk Coffee® Rwanda 2017 was the largest-ever Relationship Coffee event in Africa, gathering more than 400 attendees at the Kigali Marriott to discuss pressing issues in the coffee industry, strengthen business relationships, and participate in training workshops and cuppings.

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LET’S TALK COFFEE® MEXICO 2016 With the theme “Prospering in the new reality,” Let’s Talk Coffee® Mexico 2016 gathered the Relationship Coffee supply chain in Puerto Vallarta to create inclusive supply chains and double-down on transparent, relationship-based business during a time of substantial industry change.


In November 2015, 100 rural women smallholder farmers joined together with the international specialty coffee community for Let’s Talk Coffee® Best of Rwanda, an event in Kigali presented by Sustainable Harvest® Rwanda and Bloomberg Philanthropies. During the event the women directly connected with roasters, financiers, NGO representatives, and other stakeholders, and they attended workshops on how to roast coffee, how to market their coffee through the use of stories, and how to employ financial-literacy skills to manage their businesses. They also tasted a range of coffees and learned about coffee evaluation from women experts from Kenya, Colombia, and elsewhere. This unique supply chain gathering made a lasting impact on all who took part.

Let’s Talk Coffee® Regional Colombia

Let’s Talk Coffee® Regional Colombia brought 80 people from all over Colombia together in the beautiful coffee landscapes of Garzon, Huila, for the country’s first-ever Let’s Talk Coffee® Regional. Attendees included Sustainable Harvest® supply chain partners from the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta in the north to Cauca in the south, as well as many other stakeholders including roasters, financiers, exporters, and equipment manufacturers. Let’s Talk Coffee® is known for providing a unique space for collaboration and learning, and this three-day event did just that. In addition to the farmer trainings was a program that addressed the current challenges of the coffee market and contemplated the industry’s future.

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Let’s Talk Coffee® Regional Peru

Let’s Talk Coffee® Regional Peru welcomed over 30 Peruvian smallholder coffee organizations and stakeholders to scenic Moyobamba, located deep in the coffee lands of Northern Peru. The training event focused on topics such as market volatility, improving supplier performance, and transparent sourcing, and offered attendees a chance to connect and cup together.

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Let’s Talk Relationship Coffee Australia

In March 2015, the Let’s Talk Relationship Coffee event brought coffee producers from all over the world to Melbourne to share their stories and their coffees. Over three days, attendees tasted coffees, established relationships with producers, and took in top-notch content on topics including the volatile coffee market, the future of coffee production, and new developments in eco-friendly farming techniques. Watch a series of LTC talks from the event here.

Let’s Talk Coffee® 2014 Panama

Over 550 attendees joined us in Panama for Let’s Talk Coffee® 2014 to connect, collaborate, and learn from expert speakers in the industry and beyond. Here are a few stories about the event:

Be sure to also check out a series of LTC talks from the event here.