Let’s Talk Coffee® 2018 Colombia Program


The Let’s Talk Coffee® 2018 program will feature talks by thought leaders, cuppings, workshops, and social events. Optional field trips to either Huila or Santa Marta are also available for those who wish to experience the coffeelands of Colombia firsthand. Keynote speeches, panels, and workshops at the event will focus on a variety of topics, including:

  • Let’s Talk Naturals: A multi-session mini-event that will explore the potential of unwashed coffees to serve modern markets and include a number of components, including:
    • The Fifth International Conference on Arabica Naturals, which will analyze historical perspectives, market trends, and recent developments of scientific research on unwashed processing methods, and offer cuppings of coffees from around the world produced with new and old and processing traditions. The first Arabica Naturals conference was in 2008 and has been held in Yemen, Ethiopia, and Brazil. We are excited to incorporate it into the Let’s Talk Coffee® program this year in Colombia.
    • Innovations in Processing: On-Site Demos and an Introduction to the New Coffee Quality Institute Processing Certification
    • As part of the Arabica Naturals conference, the final day of Let’s Talk Coffee® will feature an exhibition of high-quality naturals, during which attendees can cup some of the best naturals in the world from a variety of origins
  • Communicating Impact to Customers & Consumers
  • Predicting the Future: Key Market Trends and the State of the Industry
  • Climate Smart Agriculture: How World Coffee Research Is Using Science to Increase Quality
  • Cutting-Edge Technology: The Role of Blockchain, Machine Learning, and AI in Coffee
  • Measuring What Matters: Eliminating Brand Risk in Your Supply Chain
  • Collaborating for Impact: High-Performance Projects & Public-Private Partnerships

Further information about the program will be posted here as it becomes available.