Meet our industry’s brightest minds and thought leaders

Let’s Talk Coffee has built a reputation for itself as the premier event at Origin. Participants get a chance to engage in meaningful conversations with the key leaders who are shaping our industry, and driving change across the specialty coffee supply chain.

Meet our confirmed speakers

Andrea & Jon Allen - Onyx Coffee Lab

Andrea & Jon Allen

Onyx Coffee Lab

Aida Batlle

Fátima Ismael

UCA Soppexcca 

Nolan Hirte - Proud Mary Coffee

Mario Fernandez

Specialty Coffee Association

Albert Scalla, Stonex

Albert Scalla


Rachel Peterson - Hacienda La Esmeralda

Rachel Peterson

Hacienda La Esmeralda

Cosimo Libardo - Nomad Coffee Consulting

Cosimo Libardo

Nomad Coffee Consulting

Elizabeth Whitlow - Regenerative Organic Certified Alliance (ROC)

Elizabeth Whitlow

Regenerative Organic Alliance (ROA)

Lucy Ward - Lucy Ward

Lucy Ward

ST. Ali

Casey Wojtalewicz - Canyon Coffee

Casey Wojtalewicz

Canyon Coffee

Carli Rosencranz - Walmart Sourcing

Carli Rosencranz

Walmart Sourcing

Sarah Allen - Barista Magazine

Sarah Allen

Barista Magazine

Jack Allisey Veneziano Coffee

David Griswold 

Sustainable Harvest

Trond Simonsen ROEST

Trond Simonsen


Veronika Bolduc ROEST

Veronika Bolduc


Gabriel Chait IDH

Shanita Nicholas 

Sip & Sonder

Ludivine Berouard, Proteen Soil “Black Soldier Flies”

Ludivine Berouard

Marula Creative Consultancy

Erin Reed, Swiss Water

Erin Reed

Swiss Water

Blanca Castro, IWCA

Blanca Castro

IWCA Global

Massimo Battaglia, La Marzocco Accademia

Massimo Battaglia

Accademia Del Caffè Espresso

Luis Zelaya, Bella Vista

Luis Zelaya

Bella Vista Estate

Katherine Löfberg, Climate ICP project

Kathrine Löfberg

Climate ICP Project

Lalo Perez, BUNA

Lalo Perez


Carlos Guerra, Hacienda & Café San Rafael

Carlos Guerra

Hacienda & Café San Rafael

John Lee Strongold Roaster

Alex Lee

Stronghold Technology Inc.

Ted Stachura, Equator Coffee

Ted Stachura

Equator Coffee

Michel Hendrikz, Farmstrong

Jorge Cuevas

Sustainable Harvest

Lauren Grace J, University of California

Lauren Grace Jones

University of California Berkley

Nora Šmahelová, La Marzocco Accademia

Nora Šmahelová

La Accademia Del Caffè Espresso

Arno Holschuh, Bellwether Coffee

Arno Holschuh

Bellwether Coffee

Alan Lai, Profile Print

Alan Lai


Debra Knight, Knight Mattingly Coffee Roasters

Debra Knight

Knight Mattingly Coffee Roasters

Ji Hoon, Eggstone

Ji Hoon


Ashley Singer, Fair Trade USA

Ashley Singer

Fair Trade USA

Sarah Baker, BeanScene Magazine _ Global Coffee Report

Sarah Baker

BeanScene Magazine – Global Coffee Report

Andrew Stordy, IKAWA®

Andrew Stordy


Tommie Hooft van Huijsduijnen, Marula Agribusiness B.V. and Proteen Soil

Tommie Hooft van Huijsduijnen

Marula Agribusiness B.V. and Proteen Soil

Ally Walsh, Canyon Coffee

Karla Quiñones 

Café Comunión

Osmar Matute, IHCAFE

Osmar Matute


Katia Duke, Finca San Isidro

Katia Duke

Finca San Isidro

Ivan Hartanto, Tastify

Claudia Rocio Gomez


Guillermo Lopez, Cafescor

Guillermo Lopez


Grayson Caldwell, Bellwether Coffee

Grayson Caldwell

Bellwether Coffee

Felix Camposeco, ACODIHUE

Felix Camposeco


Karol Castillo, RAOS

Karol Castillo


Urania Hernandez, Soppexcca

Urania Hernandez

UCA Soppexcca

Nestor Meneses, IHCAFE

Nestor Meneses


Camilo Enciso, ASOPEP

Camilo Enciso


Pablo Ruiz, Hanns R. Neumann Stiftung

Pablo Ruiz

Hanns R. Neumann Stiftung

Peter Roberts, Emory University

Peter Roberts

Emory University

Martin Löfberg, Löfbergs

Martin Löfberg


Julie Francour, Fairtrade International

Julie Francoeur

Fairtrade International

Lilia Cardona, IWCA Colombia

Lilia Cardona

IWCA Colombia

Prof. William D. Ristenpart, UC Davis Coffee Center

Prof. William D. Ristenpart

UC Davis Coffee Center

Rosa Martinez, INHOLER

Rosa Martinez


Sergio Barbarisi, BWT

Sergio Barbarisi


Isabel Cerqueda, Sustainable Harvest

Isabel Cerqueda

Sustainable Harvest

Benjamin Paz, La Salsa Coffee Farm

Benjamin Paz

La Salsa Coffee Farm

Carla Flores-Gomez, IWCA Honduras

Carla Flores-Gomez

IWCA Honduras

Oscar Magro, Sustainable Harvest

Oscar Magro

Sustainable Harvest

Sarah Kim, IWCA Korea

Sarah Kim

IWCA Korea

Benjamin Paz, La Salsa Coffee Farm



Fairtrade International

Carla Flores-Gomez, IWCA Honduras

Mark Inman

Sustainable Harvest

Oscar Magro, Sustainable Harvest

James Harper

Filter Stories Productions

More speakers are to be announced soon!