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Let’s Talk Coffee® Rwanda 2017

Taking place June 7-11 in Kigali, Let’s Talk Coffee® Rwanda will unite coffee producers with specialty-coffee buyers, government officials, and baristas from around the world to discuss pressing issues in the coffee industry, strengthen business relationships, and participate in training workshops and cuppings. Featuring coffees and representatives from 56 cooperatives representing over 13,000 women coffee farmers from across the country, the event will provide an incredible opportunity for buyers to meet some of Rwanda’s best coffee producers.

Let’s Talk Coffee® Rwanda 2017 will gather a wide range of stakeholders to:

  • Forge new business partnerships
  • Recognize producer excellence
  • Showcase Rwanda’s emerging specialty coffee culture
  • Implement key trainings for producer attendees
  • Cup exquisite coffees
  • Hear from industry thought leaders


Let’s Talk Coffee® Rwanda 2017 will give buyers a unique setting to taste 28 specially selected coffees from across Rwanda, while also being able to build direct relationships with the women behind them. A feature of the event will be our ‘Build Your Own Lot’ program—allowing you to take home your favorite selections from the cupping table.


Let’s Talk Coffee® is a one-of-a-kind event platform bringing the Relationship Coffee Model of inclusivity, collaboration, and transparent business to life. Now in its 15th year, Let’s Talk Coffee® builds on a rich history of uniting specialty coffee stakeholders across the globe to bring an exceptional specialty coffee experience to Rwanda.

The first two Let’s Talk Coffee® Rwanda events—in Kayonza in 2014 and Kigali in 2015—united over 200 Rwandan smallholder women farmers with government officials, coffee buyers, and baristas from around the world. Let’s Talk Coffee® Rwanda 2017 will build on this momentum to deliver our largest-ever Let’s Talk Coffee® event in Africa.

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Let’s Talk Coffee® Rwanda 2017 is proudly presented by the Relationship Coffee Institute.