The 2nd Annual HarVee Awards

The HarVee Awards, held for the first time in 2013, nominate both producer groups and roasters for coffee excellence. Producers are awarded in the categories of quality, consistency, and growth, and roasters are recognized based on roasted sample evaluations by coffee expert Kenneth Davids of Coffee Review.

The HarVees are a chance to celebrate the exquisite Relationship Coffees that are produced by Sustainable Harvest®’s supply chain every year. Rightfully dubbed by as a ‘just-cheesy-enough awards ceremony’, The HarVees are complete with mood lighting, red carpet photo shoots, suspenseful envelope-opening (a-la the Oscars) and a bumping soundtrack as the winners receive their trophies.

Recognizing Roasters

After the success of last year’s awards ceremony for producers at Let’s Talk Coffee 2013 in El Salvador, we decided to expand the awards to include roasters and encompass our entire supply chain. This year, coffee roasters who attend Let’s Talk Coffee will enter their roasted single-origin coffees sourced through the Sustainable Harvest supply chain to be reviewed by Kenneth Davids of Coffee Review. The winning roasted coffee from each producing region will be announced at the HarVee Awards during this year’s Let’s Talk Coffee in Panama, October 9-12. Following the HarVee Awards, Coffee Review will publish an article in November highlighting the winning coffees, complete with Sustainable Harvest Tastify profiles created for the winning coffees.


All Sustainable Harvest roaster clients are invited to submit up to 3 samples of roasted coffee, but no more than one sample per origin country. A submission fee of $100 per sample is payable at registration for Let’s Talk Coffee. (Coffee Review typically charges $295 per coffee for this service.) Please send a minimum of half-pound whole-bean roasted coffee in production packaging marked “For HarVee competition” with a main contact name, email address, and phone number. Mail it to:

Kenneth Davids 
Coffee Review 
2625 Alcatraz Ave. #263 
Berkeley, CA 94705 

Kenneth Davids, co-founder of Coffee Review

Since its launch in 1997, Coffee Review has become one of the most respected, influential, and widely read coffee publications in the world. Coffee Review reaches more coffee lovers and industry professionals than any other coffee publication, with receiving roughly 1 million unique visitors per year. Sustainable Harvest is honored to work with Kenneth Davids. Widely considered the Robert Parker of coffee, Kenneth is a coffee expert, author, and co-founder of The Coffee Review. He has published three books on coffee including “A Guide to Buying, Brewing and Enjoying,” which helped shape the specialty coffee movement in the United States, and “Espresso: Ultimate Coffee,” which was nominated for a James Beard Foundation Award.

Kenneth Davids