In March 2015, the Let’s Talk Relationship Coffee event brought coffee producers from all over the world to Melbourne to share their stories and their coffees. Over three days, attendees tasted coffees, established relationships with producers, and took in top-notch content on topics including the volatile coffee market, the future of coffee production, and new developments in eco-friendly farming techniques. 

Australia’s cafe culture is world-renowned, and its coffee drinkers favor espresso-based beverages such as the Flat White (a cousin of the cappuccino that originates in the area). As such, milk plays an essential role in the country’s specialty coffee shops. Let’s Talk Relationship Coffee tapped into the subject with a session titled “Let’s Talk Milk,” moderated by Sarah Baker of BeanScene and bringing together several Australian milk experts. The panel included:

  • Bill Slater, Sungold
  • Rob Collier, Fonterra
  • Ross Nicholls, Six Simple Machines
  • Stu McIntosh, PURA and Dairy Farmers

In this video, Sarah lays the groundwork with some introductory facts about milk’s role in Australian cafe culture, then interviews each panelist on topics including single-origin milk, the product’s effect on the environment, and which elements Australian coffee professionals look for in milk.