In March 2015, the Let’s Talk Relationship Coffee event brought coffee producers from all over the world to Melbourne to share their stories and their coffees. Over three days, attendees tasted coffees, established relationships with producers, and took in top-notch content on topics including the volatile coffee market, shifting gender dynamics in the industry, and the future of coffee production.

One of the event’s most compelling presentations was from Javier Dominguez, general manager of the Sol & Cafe cooperative located in Cajamarca, Peru. Javier traveled more than 55 hours from remote Cajamarca to join us at Let’s Talk Relationship Coffee. His organization Sol & Cafe, which means “Sun and Coffee,” is a 980-member democratic organization of smallholder producers organized into 27 base associations.

Please enjoy Javier’s presentation at Let’s Talk Relationship Coffee, where he enthusiastically takes the viewer through a tour of the cultural norms in Peru, Sol & Cafe’s quality-focused efforts, and much more.